This section has downloadable documents that may be of interest to researchers, practitioners, students, self-advocates Image of the Title Page of Bridging the Gap& those who just want to enhance their knowledge on various verticals of inclusion and accessibility. Click on the hyperlinks below to download the PDF documents.

(a) “Bridging the Gap: Your Role in Transporting Children with Disabilities to School in Developing Countries” by Access Exchange International (AEI), USA.



kadi jodne ka ek prayas-(b) “कड़ी जोड़ने का एक प्रयास – विकासशील देशों में विकलांग (दिव्यांग) बालकों के लिए स्कूल तक का सफर आसान बनाने में आपकी भूमिका” – Hindi Version of “Bridging the Gap……” translated, designed and published by Svayam in association with AEI, USA.