Over 200 Kenyan officials take part in Svayam-NCPWD’s 2nd ‘Basic Access Auditor’ Training Course in Nairobi; India’s High Commission lauds Svayam for adding ‘Accessibility’ in India-Kenya relationship

Nairobi | 22 Nov 2019

After an overwhelming response of the first ‘Basic Access Auditor’ training course (held in Nairobi in June 2019), Svayam organized its 2nd ‘Basic Access Auditor’ training course in Nairobi, during 19-21 November 2019. The training course was held at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Nairobi, and is a part of the Phase One of the ‘Accessible Kenya Mission’ (AKM) launched by Svayam in partnership with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD), Govt. of Kenya.

AKM is aimed at bringing a large section of Kenyan society to the mainstream life and economic activities by raising awareness on accessibility of public infrastructure and transportation systems, among key stakeholders.

During their visit, the Svayam Team also had a meeting with India’s Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya, Mr. Ashish Kumar Sinha, & they discussed larger inclusion of accessibility in India-Kenya relationship.

Hon’ble Mohammed Hussein Gabbow, Executive Director, NCPWD, commented: “It is indeed a great honour that Svayam and the National Council have joined hands to start up ‘Accessible Kenya Mission’. To make accessibility non-negotiable, NCPWD has now made it mandatory for all public servants as well as disability mainstreaming departments to undergo this Accessibility Awareness Training course and contribute towards our shared goal of accessible, inclusive Kenya & achieve a quality of life for our children, women, seniors, elderly and people with disabilities.”

Participants at the 'Basic Access Auditor' Training Course in Nairobi, Kenya
Participants at the ‘Basic Access Auditor’ Training Course in Nairobi, Kenya

Director, Svayam, added: “Knowledge sharing is key to realize the dream of an inclusive world. We are happy to share our organization’s expertise through ‘Accessible Kenya Mission’, and thank NCPWD-Kenya for partnering with us towards making Kenya accessible for all. Accessibility is a human right issue and this mission will generate awareness in Kenya while contributing in capacity building.”   

India’s Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya, Mr. Ashish Kumar Sinha (First from Left) with Svayam Team

The training attracted participants from different counties and departments including the National Construction Authority, Kenya Port Authority, National Council for Population and Development, National Councils from different disabilities, National Registration Board, Ministry of Labour Protection as well as various national and international agencies including Motivation, Humanity & Inclusion (HI), Open Institute, InABLE, etc.

The entire training program was designed in a way so as to improve the skills of the participants on identifying barriers and important aspects of accessibility for achieving the objective of an inclusive society. The activities included lectures, practical demonstrations, simulation exercises, discussions, and site excursions. This unique training course was based on ISO 21542 (approved standard by Govt. of Kenya).

After successful completion of training, assessment was conducted to evaluate the skills of the participants and ‘Certificates of Participation’ were given to all the participants, and a total of 53 candidates qualified to become ‘Basic Access Auditors’.

About Svayam GCIE

Svayam - Global Centre for Inclusive Environments, is an initiative of Sminu Jindal Charitable Trust based at New Delhi, India and works for promoting dignity for people with reduced mobility. It advocates an enabling and accessible environment for all. Walkability, Urban Mobility, Green & Inclusive mobility, Accessible Transportation system, Accessible Tourism and Accessible Public Infrastructure and accessible Information and Communication Technologies are few areas it works with special focus to make communities more inclusive and liveable. Svayam is also the Permanent Secretariat for TRANSED Series of Conferences (www.transedconferences.com) under the aegis of Transportation Research Board of National Academies, USA. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook at @SvayamIndia and on Instagram as @svayam_india
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