Ms. Sminu Jindal’s Radio Talk on FM Portugal during TRANSED2015

Ms. Sminu Jindal was invited for a radio talk by FM Portugal in their Swagatam programme while she was in Lisbon to speak at 14th International Conference on Mobility & Transport for the Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED 2015), Lisbon, Portugal  & to give away Svayam Accessibility Awards 2015.

The talk was relayed on 02nd August 2015 wherein Ms. Jindal spoke about Svayam, TRANSED Conferences and her mission of promoting accessibility for persons with reduced mobility.

The audience of this programme are Asians and Indians settled in Portugal. The programme is in Gujarati while Ms. Jindal’s responses are in Hindi. You can listen to the recording on SoundCloud here:

RADIO TALK on FM Portugal: Ms. Sminu Jindal, 02 Aug 15 




About Equal Opportunities

Svayam - Global Centre for Inclusive Environments, is an initiative of Sminu Jindal Charitable Trust based at New Delhi, India and works for promoting dignity for people with reduced mobility. It advocates an enabling and accessible environment for all. Walkability, Urban Mobility, Green & Inclusive mobility, Accessible Transportation system, Accessible Tourism and Accessible Public Infrastructure and accessible Information and Communication Technologies are few areas it works with special focus to make communities more inclusive and liveable. Svayam is also the Permanent Secretariat for TRANSED Series of Conferences ( under the aegis of Transportation Research Board of National Academies, USA. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook at @SvayamIndia and on Instagram as @svayam_india
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